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Removals Tips & Advice

If you want a smooth ride on moving day, we encourage you to have a browse through our hints and tips page.
We also invite you to visit the blog page and read our in-depth articles on various moving situations.

Brewing Facilities

This might look like a strange item to put on the top of the list but believe me, when you are working all day long on a house removal, you need a cup of tea or coffee to keep your energy levels up, so with that in mind, don't pack away the kettle and always make sure you have cups, sugar, tea bags etc. on hand!

Label your Boxes and Make Lists

Having a list at hand to note the contents of each box and container will help you no end when it comes to unpacking. Have your own system in place but keeping it simple is your best bet for instance you may have boxes marked A,B and C and on your list will be the contents of Box A, B and C.

Don't Overfill your boxes!

Remember not to over fill boxes. Large boxes are used for lighter items such as pillows, duvets etc. and small boxes for the heavier items such as books. An overfilled large box runs the risk of breaking under the strain, plus if it is filled too much where lids can't be shut, it is impossible to stack these in the van meaning risk of the contents spilling during transit and possible damage to your goods. Not only that, the space in the van isn't used to its maximum potential so you may be looking at an extra trip which wouldn't have been necessary.

Don't Under fill you boxes!

Try and make sure that all boxes are filled to capacity, even if this means filling them with padding. An under filled box will collapse if a heavier box is placed on top whilst stacking the van.

Make sure you have enough Packing Materials

It's very important you have ample amounts of bubble wrap, paper, boxes and containers. Boxes are a must and the best method of stacking the van efficiently. Try and keep the use of black bags down to a minimum. They are ok for quilts and pillows but too many with other items placed in are a nightmare to stack in the van and will also split and have their contents spilt along the way!

Beware of Newspaper Print!

Please remember that newspaper print will rub off. If this is going to cause a problem with your goods, make sure you use plain paper or at least wrap items such as glassware and ornaments in kitchen roll first. Any containers holding all your delicate items should be clearly marked as 'FRAGILE'.

Code System for Boxes

It is a good idea to have a code system in place for your boxes, whether it is a colour code, lettering or number system so that your removal men will know what room to place all your containers in. This drastically reduces the unloading time and saves you having to be on hand to look at every single box when they are brought into your new place.

Be careful with your Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings such as settees and other upholstery can easily be damaged if heavy items with sharp corners are placed on top of them so make sure that you do not do this.

Pack in good time

Start to pack your belongings at least a couple of weeks in advance. You'd be surprised just how many jobs we turn up on and the customer is still packing around us. Only leave your essential items until the last day and this will save you time and money on the loading phase of you removal service.

Small Items

Try and use boxes over bags for small items if possible. Bags are very easy to tear and don't stack at all well in the van.

Suitcases and Luggage

If you have spare suitcases and luggage to hand, try and use these to pack some of your belongings.

Keep Important Documents Aside

Remember not to pack important documents. These will include any documents related to the sale of your house and your removal service.


Make sure your food is removed from the cupboards and packed away before you move. Make sure you check that all bottles and jars have their lids screwed on properly. The last thing you want is the contents of sauces leaking all over your belongings!

Paint and other Liquids

Always use leak-proof containers for any paints and other liquids. To minimise the effect of spillages, pack in plastic bags before putting in boxes and containers.


It is strongly advised that children are left with relatives or friends while your move is taking place. You will find yourself under a lot of stress moving as it is without the extra stress of trying to looks after the kids!


If you have pets, particularly dogs, it is best that you remove them from your premises before the removal service starts. When the removal when are carrying boxes or furniture, they cannot look at what is under their feet and accidents will happen if pets are running around the floor space.

Fridge and Freezer

Remember that your fridge and freezer will need defrosting no later than the day before you move. It is an idea to run the contents of your fridge and freezer down during the last couple of weeks building up to your move.

Appliances / White Goods

Any kitchen appliance such as fridges, freezers and particularly washing machines that contact water should be drained and left to dry before your removal.

Garden Tools and Equipment

Any petrol driven equipment must be cleaned and all its fuelled drained before the move takes place.

Evening Meal

We always advise that you make prior arrangements for your evening meal before your move. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to cook dinner when your property is in chaos! People also have a tendency to get short tempered when they are hungry so why not treat yourself to a take-away.

Painting and Carpet Fitting

It might sound obvious but it is far easier if you get all your decorating done and have your carpets fitted in advance of you moving into your new place.


All lamp shades should be removed before the move and packed away in boxes otherwise they are easily damaged and ripped during transit. This would include table lampshades, ceiling and wall lamps if there are coming with you.


The majority of beds need to be dismantled before they are moved. It's important to consider this and make suitable plans.

Elevator and Parking

Should you need to use an elevator or if they may be a problem with parking spaces then make sure that these are organised in advance.

Flat Pack (Self-assembly) Furniture

Flat pack furniture does not transport well and often bulks and breaks during manoeuvres. It is best to have furniture of this nature dismantled before the removals team arrive and have arrangements in hand for someone to reassemble at your new property. (We can provide this service for you, please let us know in advance if required.)


You may want to think about leaving any plants with a neighbour or friend. A lot of plants can be quite delicate and will be affected by paint fumes and dust. It would be best to leave these until you have settled into your new place.

Moving Home Administrative Matters

Utilities (Electric, Gas and Telephone)

Make sure you always take meter readings before you leave your old house. Ensure that the necessary arrangements have been made with the telephone and utility companies to transfer your services.

Important Items

Anything important should be kept in a suitable box for your moving day. These items will be things such as debit and credit cards, mobile phones, keys, purses, wallets and so on.


If anyone needs any medication on a regular basis or items like asthma inhalers then be sure that these are kept in a safe place when you can easily get to them. It's worth noting that you may be working in a dirty or dusty environment.

Your Old Home

If the house you are moving out is going to be empty for any period of time then make sure that everything is turned off, lights, water etc. and that all the keys are passed over to the estate agent.

Deliveries Schedules

Remember that milk orders, newspaper deliveries and so on will need to be cancelled.

Television Supply

If you subscribe to Sky, Virgin or any other TV service then make sure you put in place the necessary arrangements to get these transferred to your new place.


Unless we have good access to your premises, we are unable to carry out your removal service properly, meaning things may get damaged or the work taking a lot longer than it should.

If necessary, please speak to your neighbours and arrange to leave appropriate parking spaces. You can always go to your local police station to borrow some traffic cones to reserve your space.

Any pathways, walkways, stairs and passages need to be absolutely clear of any obstruction in order for us to move freely about your property.

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